CratusSafe - SCT

Smart Cabinets

Reduce Network Outages & Secure Power Banks via our Bespoke Solutions

CratusSafe is an intelligent, self-aware energy storage structure connected to the Internet through various IoT devices.

Market Challenge

Equipment theft is a nightmare for

telecom service providers

Battery bank thefts per operator per year

0 +

Per operator financial loss per year

$ 0 +

Impact on QoS and Subscriber Churn


Our Group Companies

SolarAi is a clean-tech startup that harnesses the knowledge of PV engineering along with the power of AI and machine learning to design and deploy solar solutions.
Infralectric leverages Clean- Energy-as-a-Service to drive opex reduction, save capex and supercharge decarbonization of Telecom infrastructure in low-income developing countries.
Softoo is a software solutions company with expertise in enterprise grade solutions, web & mobile applications and other complex integrations.

Samurrai is a digitalization company, focused on value driven methodology for digital transformation via strategic recommendations.